Individual Support


“It was probably the most valuable experience of my youth.”
Alison Filippini, GSA Drama Student, 1990

Students impacted by GSA keep that learning experience with them as they become adults. The quote above is a perfect example: Alison was a GSA Drama student over 20 years ago! But it’s more than just an arts experience. Through the program, students live within a “community” of like-minded peers for the first time.  They learn how to give back, and how to share their newfound knowledge and skills with others. They gain college scholarship opportunities that can forever change their lives.


Raising support for the arts should be fun!
 While direct monetary and in-kind contributions to GSA are greatly appreciated, many friends of GSA have raised significant amounts of support for the program by doing what they do best – getting creative!

GSA supporters have held everything from yard sales to recitals to maintain and increase GSA’s ability to impact the lives of people across Kentucky. 

The possibilities are endless! What will you think up? Email Justin Williamson or call 502-566-5199.