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Need quick resources to spread the word about GSA or help an applicant out?


First: thank you!
Second: We’ve got you covered! 

Whether you’re an alum, a parent, a teacher or a counselor -- use the tools below or share these resources with interested students to get them going. 

2019 Brochure

GSA 101

An introduction to our program.
Use this guided video presentation to talk about GSA to a group, large or small.
(Includes narration + captions).

Application 101

A walkthrough of the GSA preliminary round application for the 2019 Summer Program.
(Includes narration + captions).

Info Sessions & Prep Workshops

GSA Prep Workshops have concluded for the 2019 Application Season!
Thanks to all of our hosts and participants!
Each fall, GSA travels all across Kentucky as much as possible
to ensure students feel supported and informed during their application process. 

2019 Preliminary Round Chart

A quick guide of what students will need for the Preliminary Round Application.

2019 Final Round Chart

The same type of resource as listed above, but for the Final Round.

Get Ready For The Final Round

Applicant Guides

A quick list to 2019 applicant guides for all 9 art forms (PDF)

Please note: Prepared Excerpts for Instrumental Music
and Visual Art Project Prompt Coming Soon!

Architecture + Design Applicant Guide

Creative Writing Applicant Guide

Dance Applicant Guide

Drama Applicant Guide

Film + Photography Applicant Guide

Instrumental Music Applicant Guide

Musical Theatre Applicant Guide

Visual Art Applicant Guide

Vocal Music Applicant Guide

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