Academy 2.0: A hybrid model of Professional Learning about Integrating the Arts and Literacy

Online Modules plus a Choice of Two Sites and Dates for On-Site Workshops: Elizabethtown or Danville

Recommended for Kentucky Public School Teachers in Grades 4-12 who teach the Arts (one or more art form) and/or English Language Arts

The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts has presented Arts Academies and Arts Integration Academies in partnership with the Kentucky Department of Education since 2000. This reinvented Academy will pilot a hybrid model that includes online modules and one-day arts-literacy integration workshops, offered in two sites: Elizabethtown on June 17 or Danville on June 19. Teachers may receive up to $150 stipend (or may opt for PD credit as allowed by your district) for complete all online modules and the on-site portion of the Academy. It will focus on using the "Performance Cycle" approach to arts integration developed Brown University's ArtsLiteracy Project, and we will apply this process to the book "Refugee" by Alan Gratz aligning with Kentucky standards in the Arts and in English Language Arts. Teachers attending the workshops at Elizabethtown or Danville will also receive personal copies of three books: A Reason to Read (Landay, Wootton, Harvard Education Press), Refugee by Alan Gratz (Scholastic), and Reading Challenging Texts (Chisholm and Whitmore, Routledge and NCTE).

1. Pre-Workshop Module: online readings and writing assignments (4 hours)
2. On-Site Workshops: in which teachers will experience a complete Performance Cycle applied to the book "Refugee" (6 hours)
3. Post-Workshop Module: teachers submit a draft of a unit or lesson they will teach that applies the Performance Cycle to a text they will teach in the coming school year. We will provide feedback and teachers will then submit a final version of their unit or lesson plan. (2 hours)
Teachers must complete all three components of the Academy to receive a stipend and/or PD credit.

The Application Deadline for this Academy has passed.

Teachers will be notified regarding selection by May21st. 

Upon being selected, teachers and will need to return a confirmation form (copying their principal) and will receive an invitation to join a Google Classroom for their Academy.  This will include readings, images, and videos, and will require written responses following each portion of the online module.  Google Classroom will also be used for the final module after the onsite workshop, in which teachers submit a lesson/unit plan based on the Performance Cycle and a text they will teach next year, receive feedback, and then submit a final revised version of their plan.  This design will allow us to reach more teachers in more places.

Questions? Please contact Jeffrey Jamner at or 502-566-5203 (email preferred)