Kentucky Center Arts Academy

Assessing Student Creative Work

The Deadline to apply for this Academy has passed. 
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Assessing quality of student creative work in music, dance, drama, visual arts, and new media  

    Danville High School, June 25-29

“This was life-changing for me as an educator who is always looking to meaningfully assessing my students.”

“It was the best Academy that I have ever attended. I have been to several Academies across the state and they were great, but this one far exceeds the rest."  

- 2017 Arts Assessment Academy Participants



In this Academy, we will focus on creating and assessing artistic work with artistic criteria.  This begins by developing a language for talking about the art forms.  We will do a deep dive into one art form each day, led by experienced teaching artists and curriculum specialists.  We will model constructive group discussion processes of our own creative work and performances, and we will discuss student artistic work at various grade levels.  Together we will move beyond rubrics that focus on effort, following directions, and completion of projects, and begin to incorporate artistic criteria in evaluating the quality of student creative work.  We will introduce Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process and simpler adaptations such as PAL (Praise, Ask Questions, Listen to opinions) to engage your classes in meaningful group feedback.  In partnership with KET, we will build in technology connections throughout the week and culminate with the creation and editing of short videos that bring together all the art forms from the week.


Each day we will explore asssessemtn in a different art form.  Teachers are expected to attend all five days.  Each day we will look at student work and also engage in creating/performing and peer review of our own work in a supportive environment.  All five days will be connected thematically and through the scaffolding of new media technology skills.


Drama: Talleri McRae
Music: Jennifer Rose Escobar
Dance: Lauren Case
Visual Arts: Alfredo Escobar
New Media: KET staff including Cynthia Warner


Preference will be given to teachers who teach the arts any grade levels from K through 12.  We will also consider applications from teachers who provide strong arts integration instruction.  Technology teachers will be considered if they integrate the arts in substantial ways.  Eligible teachers must teach in Kentucky public schools.

Stipends and Credit

Teachers may receive $100 per day stipend, or they may elect to receive PD credit as allowed by their district (six hours per day) instead of the stipend. 

Questions?  Contact Cecilia Reyna at 502-566-5151 or (email preferred).