Kentucky Center Academy

for the Integration of Arts, Spanish Language, and Cultural Studies

The Deadline to apply for this Academy has passed.  
For further information, please contact Cecilia Reyna at  

Exploring our own culture and world cultures through language and the arts

Murray Elementary School ,June 18-20

“The academy was a reminder that language is much more than grammar and vocabulary, and that art is not just visual and aesthetic. They can both represent a lot about a people and their culture.”

“I am not comfortable dancing and I was definitely put out of my comfort zone and I survived!!! I think it was very approachable and safe. I have the benefit of having learned numerous new dances and music to share with my students.”

-2017 Academy Participants


In this three-day Academy we will explore with our voices and on our feet about cultures and peoples in Kentucky and in Mexico.  It will model how the arts, world languages, and cultural studies integrate naturally, giving students multiple ways to engage in their learning and make strong connections across curriculum. 

Appalachian Dance & Music: Carla Gover
Mexican Folkoric Dance: Paulina Gover
Spanish Language: Jennifer Kennedy

We will look for a balance of teachers of the arts, Spanish language, and social studies in all grades.  Preference may be given to teams of teachers from the same school.  Only certified public school teachers in Kentucky may attend.

Stipends and Credit

Teachers may receive $100 per day stipend, or they may elect to receive PD credit as allowed by their district (six hours per day) instead of the stipend. 

Questions?  Contact Cecilia Reyna at 502-566-5151 or (email preferred).